Thursday, 7 June 2012

Balance Transfer Credit Cards No Fee

Finding a credit card that offers no fee balance transfer is not as easy as it once was. Years ago, more than a dozen credit cards offered these deals. At the time of writing, only two credit card companies offer no fee balance transfers. Altogether, they offer only three credit cards.

If you are unfamiliar with balance transfers, let me begin by explaining the fee structure. With most offers, credit card companies charge three percent up to a maximum of seventy five dollars for every balance you transfer. (Some companies have even eliminated the maximum fee or raised it to as much as two hundred and fifty dollars.) For the purpose of this article, we'll work with the average balance transfer card. Below are three balance transfer situations that illustrate the costliness of transfer fees.

Situation #1: You have three credit cards, each with a twenty five hundred dollar balance. Each balance you transfer will cost you three percent of twenty five hundred dollars, or seventy five dollars. This will bring your total fees to two hundred and twenty five dollars. While this is still substantially less than the one thousand or more you would pay in interest, it does reduce your savings by twenty five percent.

Situation #2: You have a balance of five thousand dollars on one card and twenty five hundred dollars on another. Each transfer will cost you seventy five dollars in fees, bringing your total balance transfer expense to one hundred and fifty dollars. While this is a slight savings from Situation #1, you still lose a decent portion of your overall savings.

Situation #3: You have one credit card with a balance of seventy five hundred dollars. Because of the seventy five dollar maximum, your total fee will only be seventy five dollars, or one percent of the amount you transfer. This does help reduce you balance transfer fees to a reasonable level. However, why not avoid the fees altogether.

The way to avoid the seventy five to two hundred and twenty five dollars in fees you would incur when transferring a balance, opt for a zero percent interest credit card that offers no fee balance transfers. As their name implies, this type of credit card will save you on the annoying fees attached to most balance transfer offers.

There are a few things one must keep in mind about no fee balance transfers. First of all, most of these offers only provide a zero percent interest rate on balance transfers, not on purchases. Thus, if you apply for one of these cards, be sure to avoid making new charges on it. Secondly, be sure to make your transfers when you apply, as most no fee balance transfers require you to transfer your balances when you submit your online application.

Lastly, since you are not paying interest for a full year, don't feel rushed to pay off your credit card. Stash your money in a high yield savings account and earn interest on your money until the zero percent interest rate is about to expire. This way, you not only save a few hundred or a few thousand with your 0% balance transfer, you can also earn another four to five percent on your money.

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