Thursday, 21 June 2012

Best Credit Cards For Balance Transfer

Below are listed three of the best credit cards for balance transfers:

1. Discover More Card

The Discover More Card offers card owners a chance to save more money from his or her everyday transactions. It offers a low introductory annual percentage rate or APR on balance transfers to new customers when transferring balances from credit cards and loans with high interest rates as well as on outgoing purchases. You can also get unlimited Cashback Bonuses, which allows you to get cash back from all of your purchases such as travel, home, clothing, restaurants and more. Some of the detailed features of the Discover More Card include:
  1. Cash bonuses at top online retailers that are up to 20%.
  2. No annual fees
  3. Online services such as account access and bill payments
  4. Get More: an easy way to gain rewards for free. You can get 5% in Cashback Bonuses under popular categories like travel, home, apparel, movies, restaurants, and lots more.
2. Citi Platinum Select Card

The Citi Platinum Select card offers its customers 0% annual percentage rates on balance transfers and purchases up to twelve months. Aside from this, security on your account and personal information is assured with the Citi Identity Theft Solutions feature that is included in your credit card plan.

You get all kinds of protection for safer online shopping, protection from credit card frauds, and a lot more. Some of these defenses include the Citi Photocard, Virtual Account Numbers, Retail Purchase Protection, and more. All these you can avail for free, along with a $1,000,000 travel and car rental insurance that you can avail of when you charge your travel tickets and car rentals to your Citi Platinum Select card.

3. Blue Cash Card from American Express

Features of the Blue Cash card include:
  1. 5% cash back on your everyday purchases including gasoline
  2. No annual fees
  3. 12 months of 0% introductory annual percentage rate
  4. A low balance transfer rate - a fixed APR standard of 4.99%
With all this, you can be assured of quality services with your Blue Cash card such as earning up to 5% cash back from almost all of your everyday purchases at supermarkets, malls, and other retail stores. If you are interested, you can easily get your own Blue Cash card in just 60 seconds.

As you can see, some of the common features among these three cards include low annual percentage rates on balance transfers, cash back opportunities from all of your everyday purchases, and absolutely no annual fees. Look for credit card companies that also offers other incentives to your plan such as account security, online shopping security, and fast and effective customer support in case of any problems and difficulties that may occur.

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