Sunday, 3 June 2012

No Balance Transfer Fee Credit Cards

Looking for a 0% balance transfer credit card that does not charge a balance transfer fee? Chances are, you've had some trouble finding one. Over the past year, the number of credit cards offering no fee balance transfers has decreased dramatically. Additionally, the maximum fees have risen on many cards from $50 to $75. Fortunately, there are still a few credit card companies that offer no fee balance transfers. The trick is to find the right offer and to read the fine print.

The standard fee for balance transfers is 3%, with a maximum fee of between $50 to $75. Now, if you are transferring a large balance, let's say $5,000 the maximum fee of $75 amounts about 1.5% of the balance transferred. However, if you are transferring $5000 from three different cards, you will be charged 3% from each card. Thus, if you transfer balances from two credit cards with $1500 balances and one with a $1000 balance, your fees will amount to $120, or 2.4%.

Now, even with balance transfer fees, transferring $5000 to a 0% credit card from a credit card with a 15% interest rate will still save you over $600 over the course of 1 year. However, doing so with a no fee balance transfer credit card will save you about $750, or enough to buy a very nice dinner with a bottle of wine.

Clearly, moving balances from high interest credit cards to 0% credit cards is a great money saver. However, it is worthwhile to seek out a 0% credit card that offers no fee balance transfers, as the savings can add up quickly, especially when consolidating balances from multiple cards.

Now the hard part. Since credit card companies that offer 0% balance transfers aren't making money on interest, they look to get it from fees. Consequently, many companies bury the details of their balance transfer offers in the fine print. After looking over credit card offers from every major issuer, I was only able to find one company that currently offers no fee balance transfers. And the offer was buried very deep in the fine print. However, if you look hard, no fee balance transfer offers can be found.

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